Pi Network Login with Username

Pi Network, a unique cryptocurrency project, does not offer username-based login. Instead, it relies on phone number, Facebook account and Apple iCloud ID for user authentication, prioritizing security and simplicity.

Phone Number-Based Authentication

When signing up for Pi Network, users provide their phone numbers/Facebook/iPhone/iPad, which are linked to their mobile devices. This enhances security by reducing the risk of fraudulent accounts.

Advantages of This Approach

  • Enhanced Security: Phone numbers are more secure than usernames, Facebook accounts, iClouds
  • Simplicity: The registration process is streamlined.
  • Avoiding Conflicts: Phone numbers prevent username clashes.
  • Compliance: Pi Network aligns with data privacy regulations.

Solution for Forget Pi Network Account or Password

  1. Install the Pi Network App: Delete and again download the app from a trusted source like PNIC
  2. Signup Account: Register a different phone number to becomes your unique identifier
  3. Enter Personal Details: Enter First/Last name, unique username and password
  4. Use Invitation Code: To get bonus coins, enter invitation code “iamsaifullahaslam” without double quotes
  5. Account Verification: After few days identity verification will required

In conclusion, Pi Network’s secure and user-friendly authentication method uses phone number, FB or Apple account to avoiding traditional usernames. This approach simplifies the user experience and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations.

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